A Gold Princess or Pagoda Ring, Thailand 16 - 17th Century A Six Sided Gold Pectoral Plate, South East Maluku. 19th Century A Coconut And Brass Necklace, Nias Island, North Sumatra Province  20th Century CE A Sheet-Gold Pectoral, Timor Indonesia 19th  20th Century  A Pair Copper Earrings, Dayak, Kalimantan or Sarawak Penan, Kenyah-Kayan, Apo-Kayan,  Bahau Dayak 20th Century CE A Pair of Gold Armlets, Timor Indonesia 19  20th Century A Silver-Gilt Ring in the fom of a Nandi Bulll, Java 10th Century Gold Navaratna Ring Thailand Ayuthya Period 18th Century